Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Living Minds, Relational Beliefs, and Mosquitoes

I was raised to hate mosquitoes. And, for twenty 26 years straight I learned to hate and destroy them. I used to live in a part of town where mosquitoes are around all year long. Mexico City almost never goes below 32, and when it does it makes sure to warm up to 70 at noon. Mosquitoes were kept indoors.

Today, twenty-six years, two months, and four days later I discovered myself fancying mosquitoes. When are they going to come? When am I going to feel their minimal teeth biting my skin? Will I get to see those capricious forms that they manage to perform while dancing in the air? That great point-size, and point-shape, epidermic sensation finally came today.

The winter is officially gone. This crazy winter. This tough winter. This terrible, unforgettable, winter. There might still be some insinuations of it in the days, months and years to come. Nonetheless, this winter is gone.

Today Ann Arbor is in the mid 70s. The sun is all over the place. I have learned to love mosquitoes, and cherish the sun like I’ve never done.